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Hell is My Stage - 1.1-1.4
Hell Is My Stage
(And All the Damned are my Back-Ups)
(A blackboard stands downstage centre, and desks are laid out before it – the CHORUS, dressed in private school uniforms, sit on the desks and chairs, chatting like typical teenagers. KEN CRUCIFIX enters upstage R., at this stage unnoticed by his peers. HEX HOLDEN's voice booms like a voice from heaven)  
HEX. Ken Crucifix of Marple Middle School was really no-one to talk about – he was weedy, scab-ridden from all that pimple-scratching, and wore glasses that while not thick-rimmed, were almost square and did nothing for his appearance. He wasn't bright, he wasn't strong, he wasn't fast, he wasn't good-looking, and had no friends. Exactly the sort of person you'd expect to find out one day that he was to become a hero, come into himself over the course of the story, and either become good-looking, tall and handsome, or find someone amazingly pretty and out of his league normally that was a gentle
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Mature content
SOC: Ecstasy :iconc470g:C470g 0 0
Taking A Chance
Each day, we dream of possibilities.
What if we ourselves could fly?
What if those societies had never faded into the dust?
What if we had never emerged from the water?
But these hypothetical ideas
We could never put into play.
But that which we could control,
To think back to it and say 'what if?'
That is true pain.
:iconc470g:C470g 2 0
SOC: The End
My end is not dying.
The day I end will be when I give up.
When my voice becomes a croak
And my wrists snap as I write,
When my eye cannot look to the bottoms of oceans,
My legs stand at my sides,
And my heart lies tattered and bruised.
The day I end...
Will be the day I let that stop me.
:iconc470g:C470g 0 0
SOC: Sweet Damsel
Imagine the damsel.
Imagine the beasts snapping at her heels.
Would she stand to feel the bites, the poison?
No, she would flee.
Flee, sweet damsel, to the rolling meadows.
Peace. Silence. Purgatory.
But still the beasts follow,
Hungry for your blood.
Flee, sweet damsel, to your castle.
Have your guard take arms.
Take arms yourself.
Still, the beasts pursue.
Flee, sweet damsel, to your cell.
Clutch your ears, turn your back.
Listen not to the beasts' roars.
But that does not stop the poison.
Flee, sweet damsel, to the swamp.
Hold your head under the water.
Try and cleanse the poison,
Drown the beasts, escape everything.
Flee, sweet damsel, to happiness.
For they slew the beasts.
Their single whisper
Silenced the roars.
Flee, sweet damsel, yourself.
For they knew your pain.
Yet you did not know theirs
Had you, sweet damsel, fled them.
:iconc470g:C470g 0 0
SOC: Finality
The First had red hair, and her eyes glittered with dark ice.
While her hair blazed like fire, the body it stood upon was ice.
Never melting, never giving,
Afraid to let the raging seas within create a single tide.
The coldness extended, and my fire for her froze as well.
The Second looked at me from under a curtain of stars that she had woven herself.
It descended along her back, and two blue moons gazed at me, shining in the darkness.
But not even a ring would have swayed her resolve...
Her choice was made.
The Third was a Charm.
I took my chances, moved my pieces across the board she created for me.
Yet this red queen, sometimes cloaked in pale white,
Never moved from her place before me.
The Fourth... was never there.
My only connection, a wall, a ladder of words.
Yet she always stood there,
and I flew across a country to find her.
:iconc470g:C470g 0 0
SOC: The Perfect Woman
Man can no more conquer the sea
Than conquer the wild, untameable thing,
That roaring, unknowable beast - woman.
From his antiquity, man has striven to know
What is a woman at perfection?
What is a woman's beauty in the eye of every beholder?
Kindness? Yes, but little more than conformity to context,
And a liquid construct
Looks? Yes, but to behold 'beauty' is to behold time.
You grow weary of knowing it, and it continues nevertheless until it wears with you.
Sensuality? Yes, but it may be that a woman who easily shows this to one,
Often shows it to many.
The perfect woman, reader, may be one of these things.
She may be all, but that is an angel.
She may be none, but that is common.
However, the woman at perfection
Is a benevolent goddess.
The woman that loves you irrevocably,
And creates, shapes and defines you.
:iconc470g:C470g 1 2
SOC: Face Value
It is not a new concept,
Nor is it one exclusive
To me, except
My cries seem to be the ones that, like liquid through the holes of a seive,
People only take at face value.
What a disgust that they themselves call
Not for aid, but for chortles from the crowd.
I, too, would like those smiles, like to stand tall.
All I gain for my troubles is: 'you're speaking too loud'.
How I would wish that, too.
To speak loud enough that I can finally be heard.
To open my mouth and not rue
The thought that I attempted to put to word.
I can hear them now...
The weirdo, the gay, the not-so-good-looking, there.
Does it matter to them if I preen, vow
To not care? All I can say is silence. stare.
No effort to know why, if, how
This idiot, this creep,
Could be kind, fun, so now,
I walk in a state of eternal sleep.
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A Tip Of The Hat by C470g A Tip Of The Hat :iconc470g:C470g 0 3
Hell Is My Stage 1.2 - Brains

(Two streetlights stand at either end of the stage, and the backdrop is of an alleyway. KEN enters stage L., bag slung over his shoulder, his head down, his uniform scrappy and covered in the dust from the chalk. He then stares at the sky – gradually, everything is tinted bright red by the lights, before...)
(With the sound of a crashing plane and a flash of white light, debris is strewn across the ground before KEN. He jumps back, avoiding the rocks, before peering offstage to see the origin. From offstage, one spindly leg appears. This leg pulls into view the zombie musician of Hell – MATTHEW MACABRE. The intro to BRAINS plays. MATTHEW cricks his neck slowly, from one side to the other, gasping in relief with each "crick". KEN looks on in apprehensive fascination. Noticing this, MATTHEW stops mid-crick, and swivels to face KEN, his head tilted at a weird angle. KEN tilts his head at the same angle, and follows MATTHEW as he put
:iconc470g:C470g 1 0
Mature content
HIMS Character Summaries :iconc470g:C470g 0 3
Hell Is My Stage Act 1 Scene 1
(A blackboard stands downstage centre, and desks are laid out before it – the CHORUS, dressed in private school uniforms, sit on the desks and chairs, chatting like typical teenagers. KEN CRUCIFIX enters upstage R., at this stage unnoticed by his peers. HEX HOLDEN's voice booms like a voice from heaven)   
HEX. Ken Crucifix of Marple Middle School was really no-one to talk about – he was weedy, scab-ridden from all that pimple-scratching, and wore glasses that while not thick-rimmed, were almost square and did nothing for his appearance. He wasn't bright, he wasn't strong, he wasn't fast, he wasn't good-looking, and had no friends. Exactly the sort of person you'd expect to find out one day that he was to become a hero, come into himself over the course of the story, and either become good-looking, tall and handsome, or find someone amazingly pretty and out of his league normally that was a gentle spirit and looked past his repulsive looks. Ev
:iconc470g:C470g 0 4
Character Situation Meme
- choose 10 charas from somewhere you know.
- Don't have to tag anyone, only if you want to
- Please link back! I want to see what you've done. ;3
Have fun!
Okay, I'm gonna go with my OCs...
1) Lancon Darmen
2) Ardera Karmon
3) Magiel
4) Nimbus Fira III
5) Zarak
6) Martarj
7) Drakul
8) Aurelia
9) Owst
10) Uzael
1) If 5 wanted to go out with 3 or 7, who would it be?
Well, if Zarak were gay, he'd probably go for Magiel, who's either gay or bisexual - it's not really clear. If he tried to ask Drakul out, Drakul would probably poison his face.
2) 9 asks 2 to kiss 4. 4's reaction?
Now that's just WRONG. One, dragons don't have lips. Two, what possible satisfaction could Owst be getting from that. And three, WHAT?!
3) 6 invites everyone but 10 to their recital. How does 10 react?
4) 8 and 4 get into a huge fight. Who would confront them, 6 or 2?
Ardera - she knows Nimbus better, and he's pr
:iconc470g:C470g 0 0
Deep in Thought - 100TC
The city was alight below me. I sat, my red-and-gold coat flailing in the high-altitude gust while I sat motionless atop the chapel precipice. I knew, I had always thought, that when I lost the one I loved, when I found myself alone, that I would be filled with one of two things:
A) A screaming, impossible sadness. One that eventually overflowed until, breaking my ever-present façade, it was let loose upon the world in a downpour. I imagined the salt stinging my broken lips and the tears leaving their footprints down my cheeks.
B) The world crumbling around me, and in my efforts to keep the world up, becoming more and more bitter, more and more upset and angered by the unfairness of it all, before I was crushed by the weight of it all, or I lashed out at said world, the rage exploding from me.
But there was none of that. Only a lingering emptiness – no matter how many layers of clothing I had, no matter how thick my coat was, the wind passed straight through me. I knew how
:iconc470g:C470g 1 0
Perm and Huntrious Info Sheet
- Huntrious Grout / Perm
- 85
- Male
- Dwarf / Dark Dwarf
- Unknown
Current Residence:
- J'ustpac
- Telling jokes, drinking / poisoning people, magicking
- Hand-to-hand combat skills
- Magic
- Poison
- 5'1"
- Pink / Black
- Bald
- Brown / Bright Red
Distinguishing features:
- Regular tavern gear / black hooded robe
- Beard - white / black
- None / Dagger
Greatest fear:
- Losing customers / Uzael
Other Fears/Insecurities/Phobias:
- N/A
- Beer / Murdering People
- People who don't pay their tab / You
Favorite Color:
- Blue / Black
Favorite Place:
- Volcanoes
Sir Huntrious Grout was knighted for his charitable works in the J'ustpac Inn and for aiding the people of J'ustpac against the horde of Mare Noctis.
:iconc470g:C470g 0 1
Magiel Information Sheet
- Magiel
- 20
- Male
- Human
- 4th Nevros
Current Residence:
- Nowhere - he travels.
- Acting
- Singing
- Dancing
- Sparring
- Magicking
- Magic
- 6'1"
- White
- Blonde
- Curly
- Blue
Distinguishing features:
- Red Coat
- No shirt (due to lack of fire-resistant shirts)
- Tight Black Pants
- Twin swords
- Revolver
Greatest fear:
- Not being remembered once he dies.
Other Fears/Insecurities/Phobias:
- Being booed off stage.
- Food
- Anything to do with the arts.
- You, if you wear him out.
Favorite Color:
- Green
Favorite Place:
- The stage
Magiel was originally a travelling musician and dramatist - he would travel all over Zhitorinor, performing for the poor, the rich, and the sort-of-rich-but-not-quite-as-
:iconc470g:C470g 0 0


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OC A Day

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 22, 2011, 9:55 AM

1. Do this over the course of thirty days, and try to be a bit descriptive.
2. Pick as many characters as you want: at least four, no more than thirty.
3. Go in order of days for each character. For example: use one character for day one, the second for day two, etc.
4. Tag or don't tag, it's up to you.
5. Have fun.


Lancon (X)
Ardera (X)
Uzael (X)
Perm (X)
Zikereth (_)
Sylan (_)
Magiel (_)
Shaad (_)
Owst (_)
Alkas (_)
Zarak (_)
Martarj (_)
Drakul (_)
Larcenoc (_)
Belac (_)
Catog (_)
Matthew Macabre (_)
Ken Crucifix (_)
Maria (_)
Lucifer (_)
Hex Holden (_)
Cain Crucifix (_)
Kibiko Sorayama (_)
Dokei Kanegami (_)
Shizume Hokaguchi (_)
Shugi Tohgo'oni (_)
Chiba Heikichi (_)
Miharu Nakamura (_)
Plasma Kurone (_)

QUESTIONS (Please do not peek)

Day 1 : Lancon Darmen

* What does s/he want more than anything in the world?

Treasure. And even though he'd never admit it, POWER. (Spoilers!)

* What one object would s/he grab if his/her house were on fire?

His Infiniti Pack - a backpack that holds every single useful thing that he owns. It can fit as much as he wants inside.

* What secret does s/he hope is never revealed? Does anyone else know it?

Surprisingly enough, Lancon is very open. He doesn't have any deep dark secrets. Sure, he has his torments, but nothing that he hasn't already shared.

* How s/he looks straight out of bed in the mornings.

Shit. His hair's all messy and spiky, he doesn't have shirt on... OH WAIT.

Day 2 :

* What does she fear most in the world? How far would she go to avoid it?

Displeasing people. She has a fairly strong belief in the power of the hierarchy, and would even manipulate her friends to avoid angering those in a higher position than her.

* When faced with her worst enemy, what does she do?

KILL HIM. There is only one person she has hated most of all. I won't spoil it, but her desire to kill this man goes above what she fears.

Day 3 :

* What piece of artwork does he have in a space he calls his own?

His own blood, perhaps? He's a dragon that's the slave of the Black Tyrant. There's not going to be much else.

* If she could only keep one photograph from her childhood, what would it be?

His birth. When his father wasn't gone, his mother wasn't dead, and he wasn't the slave of the Black Tyrant.

* Your character walks into his home and sees blood on the floor? What's his first reaction?

"Probably mine..."

Day 4 :

* What hobbies or side interests are most important to him?

Well, he is especially partial to total annihilation of everything around him. Genocide is something he's always had an affinity for.

* What does he always carry with him?

He never really steps outside his own lair in Mare Noctis, so he doesn't really carry anything.

* What does his bedroom look like?

Damp and pitch black.

Day 5

* If he had a free day, what would he do?

A free day? The things almost unheard of for him. If he ever took a day off, it would be spent being flayed by Uzael for taking a day off.

* He's been told he has a month to live. What would she do?

Cry and grovel, begging for more time to live.

* Make a list of all the things that are important to him, including principles, physical things, emotional things. Go back through the list and circle the things he'd be willing to fight or die for.

Treasure (O)
Serving Uzael
Staying alive (O)

Day 6

* What was her last nightmare? What was her last pleasant dream?
* Whose forgiveness does he seek and why?
* What does she daydream about?

Day 7

* Who refuses to speak to him and why?
* If she were told she was destined to fulfill a great prophecy, how would she react?
* Who important in his life has died and how did he handle it?

Day 8

* What does she feel about fate and destiny?
* What scars does he have? What are the stories behind them?
* What tattoos does she have? Why? If she doesn't would she? What would it be if she would?

Day 9

* How would his parents describe him as a child and now?
* Who is her best friend?
* Who is his worst enemy?

Day 10

* What one person does she most wish she didn't have to put up with, but feels she has to?
* Who is his confidant?
* Who did she give presents to on the last gift giving occasion? What did she give?

Day 11

* What was his favorite gift that he received of all time? Who gave it to him?
* Does she have a green thumb?
* Does he have pets? Did he have a special pet as a child?

Day 12

* Make up 3 book titles he read last year.
* What does he do when stress builds up?
* What's her favorite retreat?

Day 13

* Does she feel she has responsibilities that are more than she can handle? What is she doing about them?
* What did she want to be when she grew up?
* What does he want to do but can't?

Day 14

* What was on her wish list when she was a child?
* What is his secret dream?
* What did her parents say to her that she'll never forget?

Day 15

* He has a box of things stashed away that he won't get rid of. What's in that box?
* What is her worst flaw according to you? What does she think her worst flaw is?
* What is his greatest strength according to you? What does he think his greatest strength is?

Day 16

* What is her greatest regret in life? Does she intend to do something about it?
* What major thing does he want to accomplish in life?
* How does she feel about growing old?

Day 17

* He has an award on his shelf. What's it for? Does he feel he deserves it?
* Has she ever struck someone in anger? How does she feel about that?
* What makes him embarrassed?

Day 18

* What makes her proud?
* Does he still keep in touch with his childhood friends? Which ones? Why?
* Write about her favorite birthday (or favorite holiday that went perfectly).

Day 19

* Write about his worst birthday (or favorite holiday that went badly.)
* What rule would she say is the most important to live by?
* Is there anyone he despises?

Day 20

* She has just received an envelope. It fills her with dread. What's in it?
* List 5 things that could motivate him to violence.
* List 3 things that could motivate her to kill.

Day 21

* What is his romantic history? Best? Worst?
* What about her annoys others?
* Does he like poetry?

Day 22

* How would she describe her ideal mate? How would you?
* If a spell turned him into the animal that most resembles his heart, what would he turn into?
* What's the strangest thing she ever did?

Day 23

* What's the luckiest thing that ever happened to him?
* If she had unlimited wealth, what would she spend it on?
* If he was a writer, what would he write?

Day 24

* If she could be someone else, who would she be?
* Describe the nature and intensity of his religious feelings?
* What three adjectives best describe her inner nature? What three would she pick?

Day 25

* What three adjectives best describe his outer nature? What three would he pick?
* How does she expect to be treated differently than she treats others?
* What sort of legacy does he wish to leave behind?

Day 26

* What would she like written on her tombstone? What would others write?
* Write an obituary for him.
* What person has most influenced her development as an adult?

Day 27

* Who were his heroes as a child?
* What was the biggest lie she ever told?
* Has he ever broken any laws? Why? Does he feel justified?

Day 28

* What does she think is the most beautiful thing she's ever seen?
* What does he think is the ugliest thing he's ever seen?
* What does she think is her purpose in life?

Day 29

* What trait most annoys him when he encounters it in others?
* Does she feel responsible for anyone besides herself?
* How well does he handle change?

Day 30

* Does she have any artistic talent (writing, drawing, music)? Are they well developed or raw? Secret or public?
* Does he swear?
* How does she respond when unjustly accused of something?


Where do I start?
Well, first thing you have to know about me before I do this:
-I am not an artist,
-I am a narcissistic egotist (although, I can take constructive criticism, so fear no evil.)
So... what can I do?
- I'm a hardcore fantasy/science fantasy writer.
- I make free-to-download games. Haven't completed one yet, but I hope to.
- I am a bass singer.
- I like to act the villain, anti-hero, or the flirtatious, arrogant hero.
- Geeky girls are really the only type I really like.
- I hate hypocrites and plagirists.
- I like making Non-sequitirs.
- My slippers stalk the night.
- I am a former D&D player (DM and Player), but haven't found anyone in RL that is willing to play. Maybe when I go to college. ;)
- I have been writing since I was ten. I have written a terrible Pokemon fanfic, an awful D&D story, an okay D&D campaign, a pretty good science fantasy story, and I am writing an awesome game script and a fanfic of one of my friends.
- I like Monty Python.
- I have a small, select group of friends.

So yeah. That's pretty much me. Feel free to comment on my works or just say hi.

Current Residence: A secret base in a volcano.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: S/XS (I like stuff that shows off my fabulous figure)
Favourite genre of music: Alternative Rock, Gaming
Favourite style of art: Surrealism, Anime, CGI
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: eyePod. It plugs into your EYES!!
Shell of choice: Turtle.
Wallpaper of choice: Death Note
Skin of choice: Pale.
Favourite cartoon character: Light Yagami, L, (Death Note) Gir (Invader Zim)
Personal Quote: See Sig



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